Keep food fresh and protected , No more plastic wrap or food waste.
About Silicone Stretch Lids
Incredible Lids is the amazing silicone lid that you just stretch and press for a perfect seal every time. Now you don't need to struggle with plastic wraps or aluminium foil anymore or use containers with lids that don't match. Incredible Lids keeps food fresher longer and works on almost any container you already have. Super stretch lids can stretch up to 2cm bigger than their own size.
Silicone Strech Lids Silicone Stretch lids are made of a high quality Food Grade Silicone.
Silicone Strech Lids They keep food fresher for longer.
Silicone Strech Lids Re-usable.
Silicone Strech Lids Easy to clean.
Silicone Strech Lids Dishwasher safe
Silicone Strech Lids Microwave safe
Silicone Strech Lids Use them on glass, plastic and stainless steel bowls, plates glasses etc.
R 160.00 / set of 6 lids.
R 30.00 / lid for additional large lid.
* Postage Depending on location.
Email us for orders and payment information, postage will be corfirmed upon order.
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Silicone Stretch Lids
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